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Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Important announcement!

Joomla 3 support is coming to an end!

Support for Joomla 3 will end in August 2023. To keep your website safe, it is advisable to switch to Joomla! 4.  Because the migration in some cases requires a lot of preparation time, it is wise to start planning now. This way you prevent your website from becoming outdated and unsafe.

We have now successfully migrated dozens of sites to the new version.

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Some of our projects

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Big River Camp

Joomla! 3 website. Migration to Joomla! 4 in the summer 2023

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Marlou Jaspers Art

Art website with portfolio. To be migrated to Joomla! 4 soon

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Flip Service

Joomla! 3 website on its way to Joomla! 4 
Completion scheduled for May 2023

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Marianne Care

Informative website migrated from Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4 

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Ter Shop

Migrated from OsCommerce to JooCart
(Joomla! 4  and Opencart)

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

VHM Events

Informative Joomla! 3 website migrated to Joomla! 4

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Linjepartner AB

Simple corporate website build from scratch in Joomla! 4

Jolly Gecko Web Solutions

Blog Website

A blog website migrated from Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4

What our customers say

Big River Camp

Storåbränna - Zweden
Berne Brenje

Thanks to the pleasant and professional cooperation, we have built a well-visited website. This has enabled us to build our company to what it is today. Updates were always carried out quickly and in case of problems they were always ready for us to solve them.

Berne Brenje, Owner

Strands Motor

Karlstad - Zweden
Per-Arne Strand

Jolly Gecko took a lot of work off my hands. I don't understand computers, but the website is made in such a way that I can easily put cars for sale on my website. And once it does not work, it is always resolved.

Per-Arne Strand, Owner