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Few visitors on your website?

Maybe they are not able to find it


To be found in the www jungle

Is your website slow? Are you not found by the search engines?

A beautiful website is worthless if no one can find it. This can have various causes.
Partly because of the technical structure of the site and partly because of the content.

It goes without saying for us that we build a new website SEO-friendly. However, the content is just as important. In the first place, the content must of course appeal to your readers, but also the way in which search engines look at the content should not be forgotten when writing your texts. Furthermore, it is increasingly important that the site loads quickly, especially on mobile devices. A site that is too slow really drops enormously in the Google ranking.

Older websites that were once optimized for search engines often need a renovation, partly because Google regularly adjusts the algorithms to determine the ranking.

Finishing high in the Google ranking is not just a matter of switching a button. That is a combination of many factors, maintenance, monitoring, adjustment and patience.

We can perform an audit on your site and make a step-by-step plan to improve your site. You can probably make some improvements yourself, such as reducing unnecessarily large images.

Do I get a guarantee for a listing in place 1?

No, no one can give it. Companies that claim this cannot and should not be taken seriously. Be careful with that! We dare to say that the results will improve if you also implement our proposals.

In our blog we will discuss some important points.

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