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Web site

A website is the business card of your company. It shows who you are and what your expertise is. The look and structure of a website is very important. It must reach and appeal to your target audience.

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A hosting provider must be reliable, flexible and fast. We work together with such a partner! In addition, the support of our partner is professional and fast should something go wrong or if you have specific wishes.

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Not only the Joomla CRM is updated, but also the third-party software that your Joomla website uses. This happens regularly because of improvements, new functionalities, bug fixes, but not least because security holes have been fixed.

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Online Store

In these uncertain times with sky-high costs, it may be a solution for you to also sell your products online. Online stores are becoming increasingly important in various countries where we are active.

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Online browsable PDF

Do you have a slow PDF catalog or folder on your website? Readers can drop out or at least become irritated by this. Prevent this with a fast, browsable version of your catalog, folder or brochure.
The texts remain findable for the search engines!

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A beautiful website is worthless if no one can find it. It goes without saying for us that we build a website SEO-friendly. But finishing high in the Google search engine is not just a matter of switching a button. That is a combination of several factors and patience.

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