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Why host through us?

What is web hosting and what can I do with it?

Web hosting gives you a place on the internet. You will receive storage space on which your website and e-mail will be placed. Data traffic makes your website accessible to you and your visitors. This connection is again encrypted with SSL, which we arrange for you for free. There are many more web techniques that web hosting uses. But you don't have to delve into that. We carefully manage our servers, so that you can get started carefree.

How does a domain name work with web hosting?

A domain name is the visiting address of your website on the internet. By default, websites have IP addresses, but they are difficult to remember. Therefore, DNS servers associate domain names with these IP addresses. With us you can choose from 500 different domain names that you can easily link to any web hosting package. After all, it is the business card and signboard of your website. This way you are easily found by visitors and search engines such as Google.

Is there also e-mail with web hosting?

Yes, you can even create an unlimited number of email addresses. For example, emails can be sent under the unique name of your website. That immediately looks professional. In addition, you have your e-mail completely under your own management, because it is stored on your web hosting package. Your e-mail will then be on Dutch servers and that is not only fast, our laws also ensure that no one is allowed to watch.

The benefits of managing your own website

A website under your own management has by far the greatest advantages. It gives you full control over your website. Most importantly, it is and will remain your property! It would be a shame if your website is lost because a (free) service stops working. In addition, it looks a lot more professional with its own domain name. There are also an unprecedented number of options that help you create your website. With free services you often have to upgrade and still pay. Do you want us to take care of the website? Check on our page about web design what we can do for you.

Free SSL certificate for your website with all web hosting packages

Safety is our top priority, that's why you get free SSL certificates for all your websites and domain names! For example, the traffic to and from your website is encrypted and it is a secure HTTPS connection. The SSL certificate is automatically installed and activated by us for your website, so that you do not have to set anything else yourself.

What does SSD mean and why do I want it for my web hosting?

SSD stands for solid state disk and is the medium on which data is stored. Traditional web hosting often uses standard hard drives (HDD or hard disk drive). These are cheaper, but also slower and more unreliable. SSDs are usually 10x faster. That is why we use super-fast SSDs as standard for all web hosting packages. A fast website is great for your visitors and Google also looks at that.

More reasons

  • .nl .be .com .se or .es domain 1st year free
  • Lots of data traffic over 10 Gigabit
  • CPU and RAM reserved especially for you
  • Choice of 500+ domain extensions
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses and mailboxes
  • Unlimited number of subdomains
  • Free webmail, virus and spam filters
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 40% faster web hosting

No fuss

  • Clear management systems
  • Simplicity and top quality.
  • Excellent service above all else.
  • Online in minutes
  • Award-winning help desk with live chat.
  • No tacit renewals.
  • No sneaky fine print.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No notice period.



€ 8,99*

With the basic hosting package you will in most cases have enough for a corporate website. If it is not enough, you can seamlessly upgrade to a more extensive package at any time.

1 website
10 GB SSD-storage
Free SSL
Unlimited number of email addresses
Virus and spam filters
Order basic package


€ 16,99*

The Pro hosting package gives you enough space for a larger corporate website or webshop. The Pro package can also be seamlessly upgraded to Enterprise.
There is room for 3 websites.

3 websites
30 GB SSD-storage
Free SSL
Unlimited number of email addresses
Virus and spam filters
Order Pro package


€ 28,99*

With the Enterprise hosting package you have more than enough for a large website or webshop.
There is room for 5 websites or extra storage space.

5 websites
50 GB SSD-storage
Free SSL
Unlimited number of email addresses
Virus and spam filters
Order Enterprise package

The first year 40% discount on the above prices!

* The above prices are per month and exclusive of 21% IVA (BTW / VAT). Invoicing is done yearly in advance.