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What is Joomla! ?

Joomla! is a content management system (CMS), which allows you to build websites and powerful online applications. With a content management system – the name says it all – you can keep track of the content of your website without requiring much technical knowledge or skills.

Joomla is open source software: it is free to use, and developers all over the world contribute to its development and improvement. This is also a guarantee for safety: many eyes are watching along with new developments. Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems, on which millions of websites have been built. The appeal lies mainly in the flexibility that makes the system suitable for small and large projects. Whether you want to create your own personal website about your hobby or a business presentation of your company, with Joomla at the base you build your website on a reliable and sustainable system. And Joomla is modular: it can easily be extended: from a simple contact form to a comprehensive store; it's all possible with Joomla!

What can I do with a Joomla! website?

Because it has a large Joomla! comunity is with many developers, many components are made in different fields. As a result, there is most likely something that you are looking for. Think for example of a real estate website, community website such as Facebook, a webshop, business directory such as Marktplaats, an events website and so on.

Is Joomla! safe?

A lot of effort goes into keeping Joomla! secure. There are strong firewalls, an extensive user management system where rights can be assigned at user level and administration tools that make it much more difficult to break into your website.
It is of course an illusion that a site can be made 100% safe. Hackers will always try to outsmart the developers. And sometimes they are. Just look at the recent data leaks at large companies.
But the Joomla! developers are constantly improving their software and in many cases the updates contain a fix for potential security threats. Very important to keep your Joomla! website well maintained! And that is easy to arrange with one click!

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